Project Nisto

Nisto is a folklore dance project for younger people. Within the project, Folklore dances were choreographed on new composed folklore songs based on folklore from the balkans. To promote these dances, many workshops were given throughout the country, amongst which two workshops on DoeDans Festival, by far the largest folklore dance and music festival in the Netherlands.

Nisto started as a try-out of five dances, with Kay Krijnen as composer and me and Paul Verhaar as choreographers. It became a success, a much bigger success than we expected. So for the second series, we created a larger group of choreographers, and contacted several small folklore orchestras to play our music. Our experience of the first series was shared and used while me and Paul coordinated the choreographing process.

Nisto was the first project I set up myself, and I never stopped working on extra-curicular projects since. I learned loads, on the organisation of such projects, folklore dancing and choreographing and working in voluntary teams.

After 6 years, we closed the project and all continued on our own paths, in music, dancing and studying.

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