Speech commemoration day – may 4th 2012 – Spring Agora Enschede

This is the speech I held for the 800 participants of Spring Agora Enschede, coming from all over Europe. The respect they showed during the following two minutes of silence, but mostly after these two minutes was impressive and touching.

Today. it has been 67 years since World War 2 ended in the Netherlands. After  the war, European leaders gathered to start a European cooperation. This was the start of the unification of Europe and therefore the beginning of a development that eventually enabled the birth of AEGEE.

Each year at the 4th of May, everybody in the netherlands is silent for 2 minutes to remember all war victims since world war 2. In recent history and even now, there are still countries in confict. Recent examples are the situations in Iraq, Afghanistan, South Sudan, and even conflicts in Europe, on the balkans or the caucasus.
In a few moments, our trompetist will predecent the two minutes of silence. We would like to ask you to respect these two minutes of silence.

Remember all victims of military conflicts, remember what we as Europeans strive for. Especially in AEGEE, an organization that is looking ahead.
We have to take in mind the lessons of the present and the past in order to be able to look ahead. To be able to move AEGEE towards the future of Europe.

Remember the victims, praise the freedom you have to be here, the freedom to contribute to a peacefull Europe.

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