Spring Agora Enschede

After having organized many different projects, I had the opportunity to work on a last huge challenge in student organizations. European student association AEGEE focusses on integration between European citizens, by means of its network of 12,000 members in 200 antennae and international activities.

Twice a year, 1,000 students from all over Europe come together to discuss the future of Europe and AEGEE in an event called an Agora. In may 2012, the Agora was held in Enschede.
With a board of six members and two sub-committees, Foundation ICE was responsible for the organisation of this agora. My role in this organisation? I was president of foundation ICE, and therefore main coordinator of a five day conference with 800 participants.

What it has brought me? It thought me skills on so many different levels. The logistic challenge; communication with people from all over Europe, and therefore the troubles on digital meetings and the interesting things of cultural differences; managing and supporting a team of volunteers all undergoing their own learning experience and giving a speech on commemoration day on may 4th for 800 students, to underline the importance of the meaning of these two minutes of silence.

My team managed to succesfully organize this conference, with many compliments by all the participants, dealing with small crisis situations, without big problems. We delivered a very succesfull conference, there are many things we might do otherwise the next time, and these are all the things we learned from it.
I’m proud of what my team managed to do, the role I played in this success, and I would never want to miss this experience.

Source : Speech Commemoration day

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