Urban Communication Pavilion

For my bachelor graduation project, I worked on the design of the Urban Communication Pavilion in Rome, Italy. The project took place at ENEA, Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development. In an individual project during three months, the Urban Communication Pavilion was designed to introduce Italians to the smart city paradigm. Next to designing, this project had a large focus on the design research, linked to the spatial planning in the surroundings of the design.

Designed for ENEA - Smart City Project

In our daily lifes, we are confronted more and more with ‘smart’ products: laptops, smartphones or automatic floor cleaners. This development is also taking place in urbanism by the development of the ‘smart city’ concept. Developments in this field are currently mostly on theoretical and technological aspects. In my bachelor assignment I worked on the design of a multifunctional interactive object to introduce italians to the smart city paradigm.
The project resulted in a conceptual design of a communication pavilion, designed for squares in Italy. Through the Urban Communcation Pavilion, users can share media (text, images, videos etc.) in public space. The different pavilions are connected to create a network, and media can be added by the use of mobile phones, the internet or at the pavilion itself.

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